In This post, you will know how to add extensions in chrome. As you know google chrome is the most popular web browser. Every android and pc user knows about it. Here you will know step by step method to add extension to chrome

What is the Chrome Extension?

It is a CRX file. In android mobile, we can install new apps from play store like that we can add extensions in chrome(chrome apps). These Extension works only in chrome when you open chrome browser extensions will be activated automatically While closing chrome it will be closed.

Why Use Chrome Extensions?

An extension gives advanced features in google browser. Some of them are very useful for bloggers and web developers. We can get many extension through the chrome web store. Extensions help us to take screenshots, download videos via sites, check website status…etc.

How to Add Extension in Chrome

1)First, open Chrome Browser If you don’t have this browser you can download it from here.

2)Tap on three dots in the top right corner

3)Click more tools

4)Click Extensions

5)Here you can see your previously installed chrome extensions

6)To add new click on three lines in the top left corner

7)open chrome web store

8)Here search your desired extension like I searched Google Calendar

9)Now click add to chrome button

10)Click add extension

11)A CRX file will be downloaded in downloads manager

12)It will be installed automatically with a notification


1)Google Chrome

2)Email id must be logged in



By this way, you can add extensions in chrome. This feature is also available for opera and Firefox users. Installation method is the same for each browser.

I hope you liked our post. If you have any problem comment below I will reply soon.

Note: These extensions are not available for Android users we can only install in pc(google chrome).

How to Add Extension in Chrome

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